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SBCHR Foundation

    Objects of the Trust: The main objects of the Trust are:

  1. To collect, exchange and disseminate information in the area of Yoga Way of Living (YOGism) in harmony with Nature & Culture of Bharat.          

  2. To establish Nandanavanam - a Spiritual Health Retreat and Resort   in three acres with infrastructure and conduct health research on beneficial effects of Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation and other traditional systems of medicine for promotion of total health – physical, mental, social, emotional, intellectual & spiritual health, for all ages ranging from paediatric group to Senior Citizens. Publication of Newsletter on YOGism (Healthy Yoga Lifestyle) & Voice of Conscience.

  3. To provide assistance to deserving poor students for furtherance of their studies or aid needy individuals and further support organizations working for relief of human suffering, growth of Indian culture and spiritual upliftment.

  4. To assist, organize or sponsor conferences, seminars, workshops, spiritual health retreats and training programmes in Yoga Way of Living and holistic management of lifestyle health problems in all age groups.

  5. To grow medicinal herbs, vegetables and fruits, develop horticulture and maintain dairy etc. for staff and trainees and

  6. To take all positive steps and associate with other organizations with similar interest for realising the above objects.

In furtherance to the said objects the trustees shall have power:

  1. To establish Nandana Vanamu with Lifestyle Guidance Centre for chronic health problems, infrastructure facilities such as Yoga / Meditation Hall, Administrative office, Library, Computer Centre, Community Kitchen, Biogas plant and solar lamps / heaters etc., Dining Hall, Nature friendly residential facilities for personnel conducting trust activities and for Workshop  / Health Retreat participants & Senior Citizens.

  2. To maintain diary, herbal garden and grow flowers, fruits and vegetables and any other activity in furtherance of the objectives.

  3. To receive grants and donations from well wishers in India and abroad.

  4. To purchase and/or acquire by way of accepting gifts, voluntary contributions or otherwise both immovable and movable properties such as lands, buildings, vehicles, furniture and fittings, computers, software, power back ups, air conditioners, cold storage facilities, water purification plants, health research equipments, communication systems both audio and video, sophisticated gadgets or any other things required for achieving the objects of the Trust.

  5. To do all that is necessary and incidental for the purpose of achieving the objects as stated above.

Provided that in the advancement or achievement of any of these objects, no business will be carried on unless such business is carried on in the course of the actual carrying out of the objects of the Trust.

live Simple, live Spiritual & live to Serve